AC Milán - Atalanta Bergamo 0:0

Britain Soccer Premier LeagueOnly 0: 0 played her match AC Milan and after the weekend could lose third place. Rossoneri immature Atalanta on the defensive because it stopped twice bar! Atalanta, however, did not play at the San Siro not a bad match point and certainly deserved.

The beginning of the match was cautious on both sides, the vision was rather a fight for the midfield and the first ever greater opportunity came up in 21 minutes. It came through the home defense and Alejandro Gomez fired from an angle, but the ball flew just penalty area and Donnarumma ultimately did not intervene. Another very good opportunity to have a well-known domestic petanque, who dodged just four players in the siege, but Donnarumma nor his shot did not intervene. The talented goalkeeper AC had to draw up a heavy crackdown before the end of the first half, a header Gagliardiniho went well. The only chance to come home at a set time, but it was worth it. Antonelli shot had ended up at the goalpost!

Atalanta played with Milan completely balanced game even after changing sides and a score of 0: 0 the match around. After 56 minutes, he sent a dangerous, yet again inaccurate blow Bonaventura and then on the rink for a long time nothing interesting happened. Up to fifteen minutes before the end of Milan started after all only to increase speed. Penetration before Sportiellem extinguished defense Bergamaschi barely choked and shot again went next. On the other hand, he threatened Gomez and Donnarumma prefer plucked.

Score did not change even in the 84th minute when the opportunity appeared wholly Bacca, Atalanta, in this case again helped the goalpost! That was the last big chance of the match. Atalanta at the end of the game parceled and went to get a valuable point.