US Sassuolo - Inter Milán 0:1

22.jpgInter Milan finally won over Sassuolo home and thanks to Antonio Candreva goal can be pleased about the three points. Inter because of them moves to the ongoing seventh place, while Sassuolo continued troubling and threatens him Christmas fifteenth position.

Inter was the beginning of a much more active team, making home Neroverdi had great difficulty with it, to overcome the pressure. The first guests started an interesting chance of defense, most often from the defender Miranda. Much fierce opponent then home was also a Croat Ivan Perišić who vented distracted and tired home defense. His speed and arts with the ball at his feet did domestic trouble.

Visiting Antonio Candreva fired from a long distance on one side of the bar to the right home goal. The home team countered very simple and quick counterattack in which slept through the visitors' defense Danilo D'Ambrosio, but the cross in front of an empty goal Handanovic found no one. Thirty minutes later, he ran home defender Pol Lirola, which ranks as one of the biggest talents. Then he recorded consecutively on Sensiho midfielder whose shot whistled narrowly past the post!

Ten minutes before the end of the first half he was nearly pushed Ivan Perišić, which closed a lot of fast action for Inter in the first. Consigliho goalkeeper but also thanks to the contribution of its defenders surpassed! The first half ended remízovým going into the locker room, which had pleased neither team. And because of the lack of pace or actions not even spectators.

Half other started much better. Free kick goal Brozović still not finished, but the visiting team continue its efforts. Mauro Icardi burned his left hand on the ground at the right goalpost goals Consingliho and that his wound started. He went to Antonio Candreva, who did not hesitate and all his strength balloon crashed into gallows - 1: 0 for Inter!

Inter after scoring a goal calmed down and began to concentrate more. Sassuolo but was clueless and Inter did not have a lot of work with obstruction. It was now very well done, but a large part of it was just the impotence of domestic players. The coach Eusebio Di Francesco with performances of his whole can not be satisfied, and it is expected that in the winter transfer market break, we will see some changes in the squad.

Until in the end it happened a good chance the home that could have a lot Inter sorry! Dell'Orco centered very dangerous to fire from the left side, where guests did not cover the closer rod Antonina Ragusa, but the nezakončil between three poles goals Handanovic.

In the end he despised the chance of scoring Ivan Perišić who could crown his tireless performance second goal. Although actually he stood alone against Consiglio and home keeper showed excellent surgery and balloon turned off. Then even after a second yellow card left unnecessarily exclude midfielder Felipe Melo, but Inter's back and not interfere. Moreover, a few minutes scored young talent Gabriel Barbosa.