FC Metz - Olympique Marseille

Marseilles new owner Frank McCourt starts with investment, which could be with his arrival simply expected. Although Les Phoceens this year for the highest positions aspire, certainly they want to ensure that at least the Europa League next season. With some new faces will confirm the role of favorite in the 800 km distant Metz.

Entry into the spring part of the season it was part of the Marseille quite embarrassed not handle tough draw and both fell with Monaco and Lyon in the attic. However, the other nominated defeat came this week under the Coupe de France, won after overtime and advanced to the final. And in the last league round Montpellier also taken down.

So, in the south of France is again a bit more cheerful, from the sixth position in the table, guests are losing just four points in fourth place. Moreover, in the last days of transfer window period with the assistance of US billionaire Finance brought two very interesting reinforcements. Gregory Sertic added Dimitri Payet, a finalist last year's European Championship.

His involvement in the English West Ham was not downright unsuccessful, however, apparently had disputes with the club. A return to home soil sure helped by the presence of coach Rudi Garcia, under whom he played even in the best of Lille between 2011 and 2013. "In the two years before a move to Marseille never forget," enthused Payet.

His boss benches sang really only words of praise. And they believe that cooperation will work now as well. "He knows me by heart. I like how the football watching. When we look at the table at the first Troika, will be hard to catch up. But if you end up behind her, we will play the Europa League," a planned Payet future.

Hardly Patrice Evra quit blinking in the new environment after their exit times of Juventus, already during the cup match against Lyon, he could be injured thigh muscle, and thus against Meta will be available, like the long-term injured Henri Bedimo and Abou Diaby. It's still sick bay also Hubočan Thomas, Clinton N'Jie then continue to represent Africa.

Metz last over Marseille succeeded in February 2006, since with this opponent just six times in a row lost. And indeed, now they can just surprise you. In Ligue 1, they deserve the penultimate rung, anyway, to rescue not that far off. The last round was not enough out there in an important game at Angers.

The coach Philippe Hinschberger, which can noticeably absent vykartovaní Fallou Diagne and Renaud Cohade was disappointed mainly from two exclusions. "Already eleven it was difficult, in ten it was even harder and in nine it was impossible to score points," he said. "But we can not make excuses, we had two red cards. It was a bad match."