We are not afraid of competition, says head of the players' association Haindlová

The emergence of competitive soccer players' union chairman of the Czech Association of Football Players Margaret Haindlovou surprise. Association according to her rival, led by his former employee Thomas Pešír afraid, on the contrary, it motivates a new situation takes as an impulse for further work.

"Establishment Union is for us nothing unexpected or major. In the long term about this project in a football environment speak, and I see it as a logical step that long criticizing the current state in the legislation Football Association of the Czech Republic," said Haindlová in a statement to ČTK.

ČAFH had previously entered into a memorandum of cooperation with the FARC, but his football management last summer gave out because of disputes regarding Transfer Regulations. "FARC needs to UEFA and international authorities institution with which to cooperate and speak with her. It was unfortunately unable to," she admitted Haindlová.

She even thinks that the Union was established on the initiative of the FARC, which does Pešír at today's press conference, he refused and called for evidence. "Quite clearly, but we are at the level of rumors. I believe that the media of these facts sooner or later alert," said thirty-two lawyer who in 2013 even considering candidacy for Chair of the FARC.

The emergence Union, however, takes especially as the impetus for their association. "Competition does not bother us, rather we have long-term problems with the situation in Czech football environment. We see it certainly as the momentum and continue working with the same zeal and above all we want, and we'll prove the results. The official mission of the players' association is helping the players. And what we do. If this objective in mind HFU, time will tell, "said Haindlová.

He also believes that the Czech football player needs two organizations. "Rather, it needs to make it work, young people without a corrupt past. Famous people with a vision of success, who will make soccer the heart and head," she said.

Players will be able to be Pešír involved in both organizations, if that will happen. "If they want to be players in both organizations, so I will not mind. We want to make a large membership base, we have the strength. Whether the player will be elsewhere, we are at this moment one," he told a press conference today Pešír. The same opinion is Haindlová.

"Of course, we do not mind if the player chooses one, the other or both associations. We have currently a strong mandate and almost 1,400 members, who know that if needed, so for us to go for help, a professional approach and high level of expertise in the field of law "said the head of ČAFH that the number of members states on the basis of the audit.

Haindlová also disputed that the players were dissatisfied with the functioning of the association. "I know that here there ever lie to someone in the stomach. Any formal complaints or specific actions for our business but we have not seen," she added.

Too does not solve that Pešír for the benefit of their organization indicates that players will be represented in the arbitration as a "zero crowns." "Football is an environment where you move huge amounts of money and represent a player at a higher level entails a considerable expense. I see it more as a marketing gimmick to draw attention to themselves and attract players," she added.